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This makes poop look good

Random screaming in the microphone with stupid dialouges is not funny.


Pretty good animation and I'm German, so it's good to see something on German here. :P


This is beautiful.

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Repetitive, easy, boring

There was no real gameplay involved, it was all just pure luck. I had 70HP remaining after beating the boss, I don't see a real challenge in this game. Better luck next time.

7 Stars for the effort, the music and the graphics

Repetitive and easy

This game is not challenging in the slightest. All you need to do is walking from left to right and pressing "S" all the time. I'm at 800+ kills right now and I still didn't get hit once. On this way, it get's boring very fast.

Over 30 minutes of entertainement

A really great game. It has everything a good flashgame needs: Nicely made music, a smooth gameplay, power-ups/upgrades, enemies and ofc weapons. :)

And not to forget: A story and these cool "3D effects".

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I agree with Matt. :D

This song really kicks ass, just put it on my cellphone.

Amazing voice

The only thing I criticize is the low voice at the phrase "Alice is Dead". You should have sing it a bit louder. :) Other than that, amazing song.

What the hell

Amazing song but you want 300$ for a 3-6 minutes song? And even more if only I have the rights for it? Thats just too much dude.

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Nicely done

@Jacco Read the author's comment you blind fuck.

As for the image, I absolutely love it. The details are amazing!

This is win

Fucking awesome man, this is by far your best work! +fav

Osuka responds:

Thanks, I hope to make better soon :)

To all the fucktards below me

I don't like Justin Bieber either, but you should not rate the drawed person, you should rate the image itself. And it's great, the colors look great and I also like the perspective.

Bullsik responds:

Thanks for clearing the air.

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